The Write Easley, LLC

Business Mentoring and Consulting

Here is where all business dreams come true. We are business mentors and consultants who have the client’s best interest in mind. We work closely with small, medium and large for profit and nonprofit organizations. We bring all documents to life that will be needed to make your organizations and businesses prosper. We are known as the “one-stop shop”. Our service area spans through all 50 states and overseas. All clients are welcome to inquire about our services.

Our mission is to provide clients with the best services that they have been seeking but have yet to find. We understand how hard it is for clients to hire a professional to create a business plan or a grant writer to complete applications. We know that most clients do not have the funding to pay for such services or cannot pay large sums of money; because they do not have it or are a new business/organization.

We offer packages for clients because we want them to be able to still utilize the services of a business consultant or a grant writer without having to pay out a lot of money. It’s not about the money for our company. It’s about helping our clients to prosper. Everyone’s business is different but we have our clients in mind – not the amount of money we should charge for our services. That’s the last thing on our agendas when our clients come to us for assistance.

We give back to those who are struggling to achieve funding for their amazing projects and organizations and we live by this.

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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00am-5:00 pm