Free Yourself LLC

Diverse Psychotherapy Solutions

Our diverse group of therapists support people in their desire to overcome their past and live fully in the present. Our ideal client understands that change takes time, patience, and practice. Many of us weren’t taught how to express our thoughts and emotions. Without the ability to process and release emotions, we start to think that emotions are bad, especially distressing ones such as depression or anxiety. You have control over how you think about and respond to your environment; you can gain the ability to respond in healthy ways instead of your old, unhelpful ways.

We are proud to have a group of 12 therapists with diverse backgrounds, identities and specialities. Please visit our “Our Clinicians” page to learn about each of our therapists and find the best fit for your needs, including identities, treatment methods, and insurance providers. You can book your first appointment online without needing to email first.

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