Blazing Bird


What happens when you combine SPICY and DELICIOUS? You guessed it, SPICYLICIOUS! That’s precisely what the Blazing Bird is all about, a family owned restaurant that brings the Nashville heat to Colorado to share with you! We would like to extend a warm welcome for you to experience a delightful Nashville packed moment where you will enjoy our delicious authentic Nashville Hot Chicken.

For an amazing quality, tender and irresistible taste, we marinate our chicken in a mouthwatering special sauce, hand bread it in our flavor filled flour and deep fry it in 100% peanut oil. Served on a buttered bun with juicy coleslaw, crunchy pickles and a spice level of your choice, our sandwiches will have your taste buds thrilled and running wild!

Our heat ranges from no spice Original to Blazing hot flavors, where you may be tempted to dial the fire department! Our diner serves delicious Blazing Burritos and all-day Early Bird sandwiches, for those of you who prefer that your morning just does not end.

From sandwiches to tacos, to salads and burritos, you’ll find all types of spicylicious chicken dishes to satisfy your cravings and your sense of taste. To extinguish the smoldering delicious Nashville heat, our deep fried Oreos are a must try, it will take you back to your childhood carnival days! We invite you to check out Colorado’s newest Spicy Chicken hot spot, which we are certain will become YOUR FAVORITE spot!

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Saturday-Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM