Helping Children

Helping Children, love, and concern for one another is at the heart of what we’re working together towards. We realize that adults are also considered God’s children. Though small children are the future in ever society and if we do our part today, we’ll not only preserve the future wellness of children, but also our own future. Millions of children around the world who suffer each day with hunger, drinkable water, basic education, even shelter. Here in the US and abroad we are working not only to help the homeless, but more importantly the hopeless. Our desire and goals are to help those in dire need. It is God’s given passion that dwells inside of us for others that we do what we do. Our web site merely shows a fraction of our heart’s dedication at work. It does not reflect the numerous hours spent in preparing to help those in need, the innumerable hours we spend doing our hearts calling, but we do this because we understand this is not only in our hearts, but what is in everyone’s heart to do, but is often misguided. Because God needs us, just as we need one another to do the good that is in our hearts, and to show to God that we can be the people He intended for each one of us to be. The result is, we do this work, not for payment, nor to be honored, but to honor God. It has been said, “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”.
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